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Who are we?
We’re a community of people who are not afraid of healthy alternative lifestyles.
Elev8 Ambassadors represent America's #1 consumption device, body care products, functional art glass, and many valuable services. We believe that sharing the powers of cannabis can ELEV8 the trifecta of the Mind, Body, and Spirit be it HEMP, CBD or THC.
An Agents mission

is to pursue a better way of life for ourselves first, with self-love and care

and Elev8 the community around us making a better world.

What you earn
Benefits of Membership
  • Earn money
    Opportunities to earn up to 55% back
  • Get your own link page to help grow

    Get set up with a link page or personal website

  • Earn credits

    Promote with your code to earn credits and push sales for connoisseur products at Elev8 Glass Gallery

  • Special prices for members
    10%-55% discount opportunities. Click to see the special deals
  • Socialize, have fun
    Attend local events and national cannabis trade shows and experience an emerging alternative lifestyle.
  • Educate yourself on cannabis

    Elev8 University is a great place to learn about cannabis and how it truly is a miracle plant

Become a member
Become a member
Join our community to gain discounts & have fun
  • 10% off your orders and any of your friends.

  • 10% store credits for any order that uses your discount code.

  • Post your life and others to let the world know Ambassadors RULE!

  • Get your own personalized link page with QR code

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Become our retail Brand Ambassador
  • 20% off for your personal purchases.

  • 15% off for your friends.

  • 15% store credits for any order that uses your discount code.

  • 35% off retail with your credits!

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Become our wholesale Brand Ambassador
  • 35% off for your personal purchases.

  • 45% off retail with your credits!

  • 16% + Cash on wholesale orders

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As a human living
a higher state of
mind, body and spirit,
you are already an
Elev8 Ambassador!
Elev8 Code of Ethics
Integrity is the consistent adherence to the social standards and moral values that are set forth in society.
Cohabitors of earth 10% – When in the world follow the simple rule if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.
Self-respect – Don’t do anything to yourself that prevents you from doing the best job possible, or just being the best person possible.
Personal Accountability - If anything that is undesirable happens and you are responsible for it, you must take responsibility for it.
Humble and Grateful – If you have concerns about being able to complete a task, ask someone that will be able to answer your questions. Also, be grateful for the things you are provided within life.
Show pride in and loyalty to yourself, family and community
If you can’t be honest with yourself you most likely won’t be able to be honest with your cohabitors of earth. Sometimes it may hurt but in the long run, it hurts less than bullshitting.
We are growing and there will always be growing pains, but with the pains, we will build opportunities!
We are a team, the greater the team the greater the movement!
Continue to improve
There will always be room for improvement, be it a process, or an aspect of your personal life, never stop growing, never stop getting better.
Positive Attitude
Start your day by placing your best foot forward, it will elevate the mood of all of those around you and create a better overall environment.
Elev8 Your Life
What members say
I consider myself an Elev8 Ambassador because I can admire another's beauty without questioning my own. Knowing that the happier I am, the more beautiful I become drives me to spread love. Elev8 Ambassadors helps me feel confident and beautiful without someone telling me.
I am an Elev8 Gent because I am not a perfect human, yet I work to be a better me daily. I have been blessed to have some balls and run with my own dream. I have been lucky that people wanted my products allowing me to build this program that I feel is the best way to grow a brand. I love the idea of working directly with people to see that smile after the relationship has been built. I do love it when I get to be a part of someone's life with my products delivered through an Elev8 Ambassador. I am so grateful to have the support of the team and people like you reading this.
Steve K.
Our brands
Elev8 Glass Gallery
Elev8’s online store portal for Elev8 goods. Get your Elev8 Ambassador Bath Bombs, vapes, glass, and more cannabis-consuming gear.
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CBD is not created equal. Made from PCR HEMP oil, rich in cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes for the ultimate entourage effect. This line also includes Bath Bombs, Shower Steamers, and Bath Salts.
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Crafting the finest borosilicate glass at the foot of Pikes Pikes. Elev8 your life with custom drinking glass, cremation glass, pendants and even pipes.
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Innovating the cannabis industry since 2004. Cases, bags and fashion designed to Elev8 you and your world!
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Thinking about Become An Elev8 Brand Ambassador ?
We love that you are thinking of becoming an Elev8 brand ambassador to help us promote the entire Elev8 line of products and ideals, as well as promote your alternative lifestyle.

We are looking for Elev8 Ambassadors all around the globe, but we are starting out with this concept in Colorado Springs as this is where we started.

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