Gaven Boehme
28 years old, I've been blowing glass full-time for a little over 10 years. I became Conversion and started my own business after 2 years of working with glass. I absolutely love glass as a medium, its challenges, its diverse techniques and most importantly the community its built and brings together. I have a passion for hand-spun hollow work, sculpture, dremel work, and fine stringer work whether in dots or lines. As an artist, I practice, and strive for elegance, craftsmanship, and to inspire emotion and inspiration. As a businessman, I strive for professionalism, compassionate understanding, and generosity. I make art to share it hope that others can enjoy and see value in how I spend my time as a human being.
Striking Amber Spear Mini Tube
Glacier Accented Clear Spear Mini Tube
Citron Accented Clear Spear Mini Tube
Talented Rhinoceros
Lavender Rhino
Citrine and Hatorade Spear Mini Tube
Citron Spear Mini Tube
Blue Dream Spear Mini Tube
Yo-yo Recycler Number 1
Hand Spun Flower Beaker
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