Gaven Boehme
28 years old, I've been blowing glass full-time for a little over 10 years. I became Conversion and started my own business after 2 years of working with glass. I absolutely love glass as a medium, its challenges, its diverse techniques and most importantly the community its built and brings together. I have a passion for hand-spun hollow work, sculpture, dremel work, and fine stringer work whether in dots or lines. As an artist, I practice, and strive for elegance, craftsmanship, and to inspire emotion and inspiration. As a businessman, I strive for professionalism, compassionate understanding, and generosity. I make art to share it hope that others can enjoy and see value in how I spend my time as a human being.
Talented Rhinoceros
Citron Spear Mini Tube
Blue Dream Spear Mini Tube
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