Jon Clark
My name is Jon, a.k.a. Rex, and I am a U.S. Navy veteran. As I was trying to overcome my alcoholism, I began playing around with paracord to keep my hands and my mind occupied. Among other new hobbies helping, I am now 100% sober, and made "Take the Helm" my life motto, which means: take control of your life and steer yourself in the right direction. I have created parREXcord to help inspire other addicts to find new hobbies outside of their addiction, and to bring awareness to addiction recovery and mental health. Every item is custom made per order, so you tell me what item you want and what colors you want and I'll make it to fit your own unique style! There are more items and styles to view by utilizing the links provided. Thanks for stopping by!
Deer Knife
Elk Knife
Skull Smasher
Thor Combo
Cross keychain
Tree Ornament
Name tag Bracelet
Character Bracelets
Awareness/reminder keychain
Baby Yoda
Branch Bragging Bracelet
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