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The Vaping Panda's Headshop
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I am Jeremy Freshour, a disabled Microsoft System Engineer, Web Designer with a Master Certificate for Adobe Photoshop. I have severe PTSD. After trying prescription drugs, and illicit drugs, I found cannabis helped the most. At the time cannabis was illegal, and smelling like cannabis raised a lot of red flags everywhere a person could go, which led to leading a life of a hermit. Until I discovered 7thFloor Vaporizers in 2006, now known as Elev8 Distribution.

I bought a Silver Surfer Vaporizer by Elev8 Distribution from an Independent Records store in Pueblo, Colorado, one of the first shops to carry Silver Surfers. I've been vaping ever since. And raving about the awesome work done by the folks at Elev8 Distribution.

After many years of therapy, I have finally decided to reintegrate into society. This was made possible by Elev8 Ambassadors, and Theresa Petruna, the team leader at Elev8 at Home, and founder of Elev8 Veterans.

I've made it my mission to get anyone I meet who smokes cannabis or tobacco to switch to vaporizing. With the products by Elev8 specifically in mind. I feel they are the best products on the market, and the customer service is top level. They will help you become a true cannabis/tobacco/herbal connoisseur.

Whether you like to consume cannabis, or tobacco, or perhaps even cloves, there's no need to combust and destroy your lungs! Switch over to vaporizing today. Not only will your lungs thank you, but you will consume significantly less material than you would combusting! Did you know by combusting material you lose roughly 70-80% of the bioavailability? That means you only get 20-30% of the medication. When you vaporize you consume 70-80% of the medication, what is left can be recycled into oil or butter. You can't do that with combustion and ash.

Between my passion for cannabis and my love for Great Pandas I have somewhat become known as The Stoned Panda, or The Vaping Panda. Thus the logo, and virtual store name Vaping Panda's Headshop.