Heady Halloween 2021
Sunshine Studios, Colorado Springs, CO

This is Elev8’s yearly Halloween celebration, and this year we held it at the wonderful Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs. As Elev8 Ambassadors we helped in every stage of the process of setting up and tearing down the event, and we ran games and fun things for the attendees to do. Some of us helped make and cook pizzas to promote the new Elev8 Pizza Co., plus we had a blast simply enjoying the party and all of the wonderful Elev8 fans and customers who came to party with us that night. The vibe was friendly and relaxed, in part thanks to the consumption booth where attendees over the age of 21 could try out some of Elev8’s famous vapor delivery vehicles like the SSV. There was a little something for everyone and we saw smiles on faces of every age, and the Elev8 Ambassadors were a huge part in making that happen, we really brought our best and most positive attitudes and got to enjoy a wonderful party while earning store credit and meeting potential new clients along the way.