Fabulous Elton John Recycler

This is an incredible water pipe bong which was hand crafted by Steve Kelnhofer at the Elev8 Premier glassblowing studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado! This recycler is made with Elev8 Premier’s signature Fabulous Elton John Rocket Man Butter Color, with a section of fumed inside out work used for the neck. There are two beautiful flower marbles attached to the rig, one on the left side near the back and one on the right side near the front, and each of these marbles measures a little over 1 inch in diameter. The back of this recycler is decorated with swirling purple tubing and horns. This recycler’s fixed downstem has a 14mm female joint that can accept any attachment with a 14mm male joint. Add this incredible dab rig to your collection today!

Elton John Recycler
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