Steve Kelnhofer

Creator of the Silver Surfer Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer and some other cool things like Smoked Pizza with Elev8 Pizza.  Proud to support our veterans with our Elev8 Veteran program.  Cannabis has been a huge win for me in my life.  While the battle has been real, the small wins are what makes it so great!  I love what Elev8 has become.  Not just a vape, or glass, but a way of life for mind, body, and spirit.  You are the most important person in the world.

Elton John Recycler
Flower Pipe – Fabulous Elton John Rocket Man Sexy Butter Sherlock
Flower Pipe – Bruce Banner Sherlock
Butter Wedding Glass Set
Shamrock and David Bowie Butter Recycler
Toxic Green and Fabulous Elton John Rocket Man Butter Recycler
Fabulous Elton John Recycler
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